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Dear Mister Wuttke,

Thank you for your letter, which I only received yesterday,although it was dated December 2nd.

I am very honoured to have been asked to send you my Greetings,on behalf of my family, and in particular, my illustrious great grandfather, Isaac Singer,on the 100 anniversary of the foundation of the factory.

This is particularly appropriate as his German father, Adam , THEN NAMED REISINGER, left his country to go to New York, where he married Ruth, of Dutch extraction.

I visit Germany from time to time, as my youngest daughter, Louisa Hutton, is married to Matthias Sauerbruch. They have an architectural PRACTICE in Berlin.

Do you have a good copy of Isaac? If not I can send you one. Equally have you read Singer and the Sewing Machine by Ruth Brandon? I have a spare copy here.

I am very proud of my great grandfather and his achievements and wish I had known him --- I feel he must have had a sense of humour because he named his very large house he built in Devonshire The Wigwam!

                   With all good wishes,

                               Yours sincerely,

                                           Rhodanthe Selous.

Nach oben  Grußschreiben, Selous

Herzlichen Dank

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